Twinklers are a category of energy weapons that includes both the main weapon of a starship, and a personalized weapon in the shape of a pistol or rifle - called a 'hand twinkler'. Twinklers fire red/ orange/ yellow beams, the intensity of which can be varied.

Background Edit

Twinklers first appear in Star Wreck 1 - as 'phasers' - and are used during the battle in Earth's Orbit. They are first identified as 'twinklers' in Star Wreck 2, although when referring to the hand-held variant. The ship-mounted variant is referred to as 'twinkle beam'. In Star Wreck IV, the hand twinkler is shown physically for the first time, when Hummer - now working with Hans Duo - aims one at Captain Pirk and his crew in order to obtain the Zarquon scepter. In Star Wreck V a hand twinkler rifle, model M33000 is revealed to have been produced by Smith & Wesson.

Usage Edit

Twinklers are used throughout the Star Wreck series, being commonly employed by P-Fleet as the main weapon of their starships. Hand twinklers are a standard P-Fleet ranged weapon in both timelines, and have a stun firing mode, alongside combat mode. It is unknown if any other race uses twinklers normally.

Trivia Edit

The twinklers are known to quickly run out of ammo, as seen in Star Wreck 2 and in Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. It is unclear if this is the result of P-Fleet's low budgets, or of bad manufacturing.

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