Star Wreck 2: The Old Shit is the second episode of the Star Wreck series, created by Samuli Torssonen in 1994.


The USS Kickstart is ordered by the P-Fleet to fly to Fibula Sector and destroy any enemies there. The crew follows its orders, and upon arrival encounters a Plingon patrol fleet. An intense battle follows with two of the Plingon starships being destroyed by the Kickstart's weapons, despite many malfunctions, and the last one destroying itself, after a failed tactical attempt by the Kickstart's crew to stall it using the rear sucking beam. Succumbing to the damage, the Kickstart blows up while on its way to the nearest P-Fleet space station. The surviving crew manage to evacuate in space-sleds, with Mr. Spook's sled flying off-screen as Pirk's sled chases after Mr. Fukov's.



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In 2006, the first five episodes of Star Wreck were re-released on DVD, featuring new, original music, as well as other changes. The DVD can be bought at the online store (see links).