A Plingon Prattlecruiser AKA Plingon Battlebruiser is a heavy type of Plingon battleship.

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Plingon Prattlecruisers are big, white/ gray starships with two wings located on their 'body'. The wings end with two engines, each located on an individual wing. A long 'neck' connects the 'body' to the ship's 'head', where the cockpit is located.

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Battlebruisers are considered to be well-equipped by P-Fleet standards.

They are outfitted with disturbers and light ball cannons, that they can effectively fire at the same time with no penalty. A total of ten light balls can be fired in a single burst.

Their armor consists of strong deflector plates, and the hull itself, which is quite capable of taking a beating.

Mobility is provided by a twist engine that can speed up to Twist factor 9.

Additionally, the ships have leather upholstery, fuzzy-dice, and stashing gadgets. The latter, a piece of equipment found almost exclusively on Plingon ships, render them almost completely undetectable, but also have them sacrifice the Twist and firing abilities when stashed.

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  • Mr. Spook described the Battlebruisers to be well equipped, unlike their P-Fleet counterparts.

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