The CPP Kickstart-2 (Fin. CPP Potkustartti-2) was a P-Fleet Galaxy class cruiser under the command of Captain James B. Pirk.

Characteristics Edit

The CPP Kickstart-2 was a Galaxy-class P-Fleet cruiser, capable of housing a crew of 200 people. Among its more prominent quarters were the bridge, the Haludeck, and the Captain's room. It's antimaterial gas engines - in unison with a twist-drive - could accelerate up to Twist factor 9, but Twist factor 6 was generally enough for traveling.

Weaponry Edit

  • Light balls - projectile-type, high-caliber, explosive weaponry. Fired four projectiles in one shot.
  • Twinkers - laser-type, low-caliber, beam weaponry.

Armor Edit

  • Deflector plates - medium powered energy-shield. Generated a green force-field around the ship on impact.
  • Hull - could withstand several light ball and twinker shots; a direct collision with another ship.

Other equipment Edit

In addition to its standard twist-drive and the standard computers, the bridge was outfitted with a Coffee-o-Matic, and a telly for video communication and strategic data. The Captain's post was located in the middle of the bridge. Tactical - the Weapons Officer's post - was located behind the Captain's post. It did not have a chair. The ship carried at least three space-sleds, which were used for short-distance transportation, or for evacuation, in the event of the ship's destruction. Additionally, there were two sucking beams - one in the front, and on in the rear.

Service Record Edit

Crew Edit

  • Captain - James B. Pirk
  • Weapons Officer - Mr. Fukov, Dwarf
  • Tactical Adviser - Mr. Spook, Info
  • Communications Officer - Ms. Puhura, Blondie
  • Carlo
  • Shitty
  • Various others